Pastor of The International Church & Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations

Focus: Healing of the Mind

Jesus has always been in the healing business. But what we don't always think about is that His perfect will is to heal minds as well as physical bodies.  Mark described a miracle that Jesus performed like this when He delivered a man who was being plagued by demons.  His affliction was so severe that he was being called Legion for the amount of demons working in him.  Mark gives a moving description of the crowd’s astonishment when they saw the man, transformed, “He was sitting there fully clothed and perfectly sane”.   The change that came over him was so marked that it made the crowd fear.  Jesus had not only delivered him from the demons but restored his mind. God’s perfect plan isn’t to just heal, or just deliver, but God wants to give us a healing of the mind. His promise is that we have not been given the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. But sometimes we stop seeking at a physical level.

When they saw that he was sitting in his right mind, the crowd was afraid.  It wasn't just the apostles who witnessed it, there were a crowd that saw the whole deliverance. They saw everything that took place.  They began to recount what had happened and as the verbalized the miracle they began to shut down on what God was trying to do in their community, and in their lives.

They didn’t want that type of church.  But we do. We want the kind of church that you can get delivered, and get your mind back.   There’s a lot of people that visit anointed churches and think: this is too much for me.  But there were people who met Jesus who had the same thought: He’s too much for me.  

In our state of living in the world we are unlike Jesus, so when we get in His presence it feels uncomfortable.  But the longer you're around His presence it makes you less and less uncomfortable. And that presence begins to be apart of you.  

For some of us, who have been around a little while, when God does something new: we know to not to worry. We let God' spirit change us and move us when its necessary-even thought it may shift our comfort level.

The crowd with Jesus was so uncomfortable even though they just heard about the greatest miracle that had ever happened. So in that place of discomfort, they rejected the move of the spirit, they asked Jesus to leave.

Many people ask the Lord to leave.  "I don’t want You here Lord.  Don’t want You in my personal life, don’t want You on my job, don’t want You."

You may shut God out, but in the process  you will shut out what God is trying to do in you. Tell God: never stop talking to me, never stop guiding or correcting me.  Never let me get so far from you that I can’t hear you. Even if it makes me uncomfortable.  The crowd  begin to pray to Him-to get back on the boat.  How many times have we rejected God because we didn’t want to hear from Him at that time or about a certain situation?

How can it be a reality that someone can start to pray: God leave me.  These are mindsets and ways of thinking that can come upon us if we are not aware and sensitive to the spirit.  They were looked miracle, a restored mind,  but they didn’t want to be delivered..  When God starts working on your mind-that’s where the real surgery happens.  

Even if you get delivered, but your mind wasn’t delivered-you aren’t free. It’s not a physical thing: it’s a mind thing.  

You can have joy in the midst of a storm, God can take you through anything if your mind is right. Nobody sits down at a worship  service and tell me you have a right mind. If you can sit in the Shekinah glory of God and not think and reflect on the goodness of God, something is wrong.

Jesus said, I got this boy’s mind right.  As we walk through the book of Acts, Jesus was working on the disciples.  And there is something God said about mental deliverance. How can they fight someone that has their mind right?  Your mind is telling you He is worthy.  There is a healing coming when we surrender and say yes to His work in our mind.  If the enemy has been attacking your mind, stop right now, and ask God, invite God back in your mind and your thoughts.  Your  mind can be delivered today.  

Art Wilson