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You're Gonna Make It

God  talks continually about the fact that he's God all by himself, of His singleness and alphaness.   He explains that from the beginning to the end it's still just Him.

Isaiah 46:9   Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me,

10 Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:


The word says he  declares the end in the beginning.  This One God declares the end in the beginning and from ancient times the things that are not yet done. I tell you things in the ancient times that are going to happen that haven't happened.   My counsel shall stand. I will do all my pleasure.

You might ask: what are you talking about Pastor?

This scripture is one of the most powerful in the book. He’s telling us; if you’re here tonight He plans on you getting there. I don’t care what you’ve done or been through. if you're here tonight there is a prophesy over you.   There is a resurrection spirit in this place.  God had this set up for you from the beginning. The devil has told some of you that you’re not going to make it in the rapture.  You’re going to make it.  Your mansion has your name on it.  Our young people are going to make it.  I want us to have faith in a delivering God and all powerful God.

Spending all our time and effort wondering if we’re even saved; that’s the devil. That creates confusion in the atmosphere of your life. Spending all your time wondering, exhausting yourself.  Put it under the blood and come to heaven with us.    There are people telling God that they can’t go to heaven,  having conversations about how they don’t have it together.  You’re not going to be judged on your abilities.  You're going to be judged on Christ’s ability --He's the mediator.  But people say, “God you don’t understand, I don’t think i’m going to be in the number.”   Oh, is that why you’re not worshipping?

You can’t witness or win people because when you have this attitude, you don't have the joy of your salvation.  The joy is connected to what we know.  You would be excited about the Holy Ghost if you really knew what you have. You have the Shekinah of God inside of you.   

The problem is-you don’t know. We don’t know what we have. We don’t know who we are. Christians that don’t know who they are consumed with doubt and confusion.

God said, you are so special that I set up you from the beginning to make it.  He set you up from the beginning to make it. The moment you got the Holy Ghost. God said, “write their name down in the Lamb’s book of life-they’re going to make it.”  He didn't’ wait;  He said write it down. He already declared the end from the beginning.  The minute you were born again, he showed up with gifts, just like a new baby in the church where there is a baby shower with all the things that baby will need to make it.    The gifts God brought was the promise of eternal life.  He said, you are going to make it.

Within the first gift God gave you was everything you need to make it.  God put in here everything you need.  There is no one in the church who should be going to Hell.  God is more than enough to keep us with the blood of the Lamb and the Holy Ghost power and gifts of the spirit which is the weapon against the enemy.  How can you lose when God gives you everything you need to succeed?  He shows up from day one, anointing, His name, angels of protection.

If you’re ever in trouble you can say that name.  In that name miracles happen, devils are cast out.  Here is the thing.  We do have an enemy that understands he can’t defeat you.  He understands he can’t defeat you but he understands that you can quit. The enemy couldn’t kill you if he was at point blank range with a nuclear bomb;  greater is he that is in you.  

Look to your salvation-you’re going to make it.  The devil is hoping that you will forget who you are.  I talk to people who want to give up because of mistakes. I ask them why….who have you been praying to?  If you were talking to Jesus he would say, go and sin no more.  The only person who would condemn another person is another person.

There is not a demolition team in heaven.  They are building the mansion.  God declared the end in the beginning.  He made it so. He has everything in place. We need to move forward in the kingdom.  Once you ask for forgiveness the blood flows down.  You’re going to make it.

We are going from condemnation to building people up.   I don’t have any more time for tearing people down.  You are spiritual, build someone up.   What is happening to the church? We were given power to all the air.  We should not be afraid of the enemy. God didn’t make a bunch of cowards.  We need to wake up and realize that you’re gonna make it!

There needs to be a determination built up.  God wants us to be warriors and soldiers.  We need to turn this world upside down.  We have tapped into something into the spirit. Jesus likes to call things out.  I’ve been trying to help the country.  Jesus said, the last revival will be greater than the days of Christ.  

Jesus said, what I did -you can do.  Greater works than these you will do.  After he brought Simeon out of the grave.  He said we were going to do greater things.  Who? You!   Quit asking about why or whether you’re good enough.  The only thing that matters is that you have what he gave you in the beginning because it's what you need to have in the end.      We are getting radical because God talks like this. God talk is like a monarch, headship, a king. He wants us to take territory and walk in domination and not to draw back in fear. He didn’t give us a spirit of fear. He gave us the spirit of a sound mind. God talks like this.

Many preachers and theologians ask questions about why is it that God doesn’t mention the trials?  Great minds look at the prophecy about Isaiah, they try and explain away why.    I was meditating about that God told me it was false. It didn't show them the valleys because it doesn’t matter what's happening there.  It doesn’t matter what your going through because I know where I’m bringing you to.  Ye though I walk through the valley;  I read the back of the book-we win-no matter the trial or valley.  The devil doesn’t win this. He loses. Sinners don’t win they lose. The satanists don’t win. You know who wins?  Worshipper's, prayer warriors, soul winners, the holy-they win.  

The Lord said, I declare the end from the beginning.  I started pondering this.  Our God is telling us. in the beginning I told you all truth.  How is this possible that he can tell us all truth. Let me look in the NLT. While I was reading Isaiah 46:8-10, revelation hit me.

Do not forget this! I have done the past, For I am God! I am Good and there is none like me.  He said, only I can tell you the future before it even happens.  Everything I plan will come to pass, for I do whatever I wish.  I’m the only one who can tell you the future.


It's a Hebrew word that means in the beginning.


 Means: In The Beginning


Here’s what we need to go deeper.  Hebrew words are 3 dimensional.  



Beyt (House)

Resh (Head-authority)

Alef (Leader or Strength or Alpha)

Shin (Consume, Eat or Fellowship)

Yod (Hand or Flesh or Humanity

Tav (a Sign or Covenant or Cross)


When you put this together.  

Cross, hand, destroyed, father head and house.


Cross – Hand – Destroyed – Father – Head -- House

How we translate words in Hebrew is that they flow right to left.  What we see is the message that says:

The House was in trouble so the All-Powerful Alpha Head came down to communicate but was destroyed by the hand of men on a cross which was His Covenant!

This proves that this is the Alpha and Omega. He set up that he would do to this from the beginning.


Have confidence in the plan of God.  From the beginning when you got saved He set up you for success. He says, “ I fixed it from the beginning”.


There is a spirit that is attacking the church. It's the spirit of defeat-it's telling us we’re not going to make it.  You can fix that today, we can repent and say God, I’m coming a little dirty but You declared from the beginning that I was going to make it.  So God I need your help.  He will say, don’t you remember what I gave you?  Do you remember what I gave you in the beginning to carry you through to the end.  

It's time to really show who you really are in God.  


Art Wilson